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Hey there! I’m Subah the Baker and the writer behind this blog. So good to see you all here.

About me

I was born in Meerut, a town in Western U.P in India, famous for the mutiny of 1857 and for its scissors, sports goods and Gazak ( a special crispy dry sweet made of sesame seeds or peanuts and jaggery). I completed my schooling in Noida in the national capital region of Delhi. My dad is a senior sales professional in the collaboration space and mom is a professor at a top business school….a sweet younger brother completes our family. God has been very kind…blessed to have a loving family who love and support me through and through!!!

Indi Baker

I started this blog in 2020 to keep my recipes all in one place rather than in sheets or in different folders. The passion for cooking has always been in the family…..foodies and happiest relishing the flavors of food with people around..specially got this from my dad. I am a trained hospitality professional by education but it all started with a passion for food and cooking as early as when I was 12. Mom tells me I could watch ‘khanna khazana’ for hours as a kid….so in part I owe it to Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The inspiration continued and moved to following Chef Vikas Khanna…and Master Chef Australia.

I baked my first cake at 14 which didn’t turn out to be so perfect… a failure that pushed me to get a perfect cake. Soon I turned out my first perfect chocolate cake which was a success and was really liked by family and that is how the journey of my baking started.

I worked very happily in the hotel industry for two years and then came 2020..bringing with it the CoVID 19 hitting lives and economies all over the world, the hotel and restaurant industry has been impacted even more severely. What it also did was allowed all of us to slow down and think through… the lock down forced people to manage with what they could cook at home. I observed many of friends craving for bakes and cakes…and that’s how the Indi Baker was born…commenced operations as a neighborhood baker.. homemade safe and hygienic made with love. 💕💕💕💕

Cheffy Subah

I am a professional chef, have completed my graduation in hotel management in 2018 and have experience of working in continental restaurants and bakery over the last two years. I love the smiles when people enjoy something that I baked…and the twinkle in their eyes on looking at a nicely plated dish!! …or when they come back to me for the recipe. From serving specialty desserts at our forever house parties ….to an on-demand baker….to Indi baker..that is who I am.

Thinking, reading and watching food pictures, recipes, chefs, food shows, is what I do when I am not in the kitchen…😋😋

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